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Wetland Delineation Offsite, Winter, Routine, Intermediate, and Comprehensive

Wetland Mitigation Design, Permitting, Monitoring, Regulatory Negotiation, and Expert Witness

Wetland, Shoreland, and Upland Planting and Vegetation Maintenance *

Wetland Functional Assessment (MNRAM 3.4)

• Wetland Well Hydrologic Studies ***

Wetland Banking

• Wetland Floristic Quality Assessment

• Noxious Weed Inventories

Natural Resource Inventory (MLCCS)

Soil Identification, Infiltration Tests, Perc Tests, Hydric Soil Delineation

Soil Borings to 8' bgs and high water table determinations

• Geotechnical Soil Borings ****

Winter Soil Borings to 8' bgs

Septic System Design, Installation, Inspection, Repair and Pumping **

Environmental Assessment Worksheet (EAW)

Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) Natural Resource Portions

Phase I Environmental Assessment (AAI)

Tree Surveys

Pond Algae, Duckweed, and Weed Control with Dyes and Aeration

Lake Lot Dock Area Aquatic Weed Removal & Herbicide Treatment for 2-8 landowners

Endangered and Threatened Species Surveys

GIS Mapping Services into Engineering Drawings or on Aerial Photos

GPS Field Mapping Services (0.2m horizontal accuracy)

Historical Aerial Analysis

Regulatory Negotiation & Referrals

Surveying - ALTA, Boundary, Residential & Commercial Platting *****

Civil Engineering - Hydrology and Storm Pond Design, Preliminary and Final Development Design ******


* Services offered through:
Bruce Sandstrom
Sandstrom Land Management, LLC.
(651) 249-9910


** Services offered through:
Dale Denn
Homestead Septic Systems
(612) 310-7887


*** Services offered through:
Barb Braman
Acorn Environmental Consultants
(952) 240-6227


**** Services offered through:
Bob Sullentrop
ITCO Allied Test Drilling
(952) 890-5909


***** Services offered through:
Jason Rud, RLS
E.G. Rud & Sons Surveying
(651) 361-8200


****** Services offered through:
Chuck Plowe, PE
Plowe Engineering
(651) 361-8200


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